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Book Review: Seal Team Six – Memoirs of an Elite Navy Seal Sniper.

This autobiographical book gives the reader an excellent opportunity to understand how the different branches of US armed forces train their elite teams, but emphasis is on the navy seal training and beyond.

The explanations for the special equipment provided and their specific purposes are eye-openers fort eh uninitiated.

The writing is lively and engaging, compelling the reader to read page after page, eager to learn what comes next.

The childhood physical abuse the author (Wasdin) endures from his stepfather tells how society has changed. The way his stepfather treated him would have landed him in jail, had that happened today.

The author’s opinion of leading politicians leads the reader to conclude that all fail to understand, maybe do not even have a clue, how theatres of war look, and what soldiers on the ground must do and endure to succeed.

Howard Wasdin was involved in the first Iraqi war and in Somalia. Both operations are vividly described to the extent that secrecy concerns allow, and are highly revealing. What is not mentioned is that politicians must also take into account foreign affair policies, doctrines, and prevailing international relations of the American government.

The depth of knowledge about the US navy and how it treats wounded soldiers should make every citizen proud.

If you want to learn why British sailors are called “limeys”, you will find out in this book.

In this compelling, behind-the-scenes chronicle, the author takes the reader deep inside the world of Navy Seals and Special Forces sniper selection, and ensuing training that is reputed to be the toughest and most rigorous in the world.

How his life evolved after he was wounded in Somalia shows how chance and luck can change an individual’s life.

This is an excellent book for every citizen of the USA and any individual interested in how modern wars are conducted.

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