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Book Review: A Season in Hell.

The author has written a unique account of what it is to be a captive of Al Qaeda, a terrorist organization, created with the sole objective of `destroying` western democracies.

To date, R.R. Fowler is the highest level of representative of any western government to be taken by a unit of Al Qaeda active in the Sahel.
This book explains in minute detail his and his colleague’s (Lois Guay) treatment in the inhospitable Sahara desert, exposed to all kinds of hazards and dangers.

The author’s account of cruelty of both officials, on a mission for peace on behalf of the UN, is not only alarming and informative, but also chilling, should Al Qaeda by chance or fluke, become a dominant force in any democratic country in the west or east.

This book is about Al Qaeda’s followers who follow blindly the dictates of the founder or his deputy, display stunning incompetence, hatred, and greed to enrich the organization’s coffers in an attempt to inflict more grief to the members of western democracies.

The book reveals how hostage taking and exchanging them for funds has blossomed into an “industry” as constant actions of this nature prove. Terrorism has become the weapon of the poor.

Many a European tourist has been taken hostage and released only when considerable amounts of hard currency were handed over.

The author’s mind is remarkable in its detail. The writing is clear, compelling and convincing. The analysis is formidable, as the author was a high-level government employee. The reader can detect traces of bureaucratic language.
It is fascinating to learn how two Sub-Saharan government officials from Mali and Burkina Faso braved perilous desert conditions and abnormal adversaries in their valiant effort to free both Canadians.

R. Fowler shows the reader the power of human spirit in the face of adversity and extreme danger. He also, maybe in a circuitous fashion, manages to convey the message how important a balanced diet and adequate daily bowel movement are for a well functioning body.

This is a remarkable book everyone should read and think about it and contemplate the dangers lurking when visiting countries beset with Al Qaeda cells.

Needless to say, this book should be mandatory reading for all western diplomats travelling and stationed anywhere in the world.

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