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Book Review: The End of Sex.

The author provides an excellent argument to try to convince young, impressionable, gullible, and inexperienced university students to stay away from the wide spread hook up culture in American universities. No doubt, in other “liberated” countries of the west, the hook up culture is less prevalent than it is in the U S A.

The main point this book makes is that hook up culture is unhealthy on several levels, and undoubtedly dangerous. It silences, shames, isolates, and disempowers students, quashing their desires and different needs for respect, and their need to be treated with dignity. This is a notion that must be inculcated into the freshmen over and over again.

University education is not only about knowledge, and to create an enquiring mind, but also to learn proper behaviour, etiquette, learning about ethics, morality, and values including common sense that cannot be taught in class.

At least one professor’s approach to proper “dating and civilized behaviour is laudable, and reportedly successful. She assigns to her students “dates” which include a written report of each participant.

Te author’s heart is definitely in the right place, whether or not university administrators will make a concerted effort to at least try to discourage the “hook up culture: prevailing at many American universities remains to be seen.

According to D. Freitas Ph. D., the hook up culture has three elements

Some sexual component


Practically no communication, and/or emotional involvement

The only questionable part of this valuable book is the mall sample size of her research and how she interprets the results.

Regardless of the above shortcoming (if it may be a shortcoming at all), this is a book for anyone trying to help young people to get out of the horrifying and lamentable hook up culture presently widely practised at thousands of universities in American universities, and no doubt in other western industrialized countries.

This book should be a must read for all parents with university-bound off springs all young students, and even professors in some disciplines.

The End Of Sex goes a long way to raising awareness about the emotionally destructive nature of the hook up culture.

Highly recommended.

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