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Book Review: Shadow Play

Iris Johansen created yet another interesting novel in Shadow Play.
The plot involves Eve Duncan, a forensic sculptor, to help in the

reconstruction of the skull of a murdered girl. After being buried for eight years the body was exhumed in an attempt to investigate, and possibly find the murderer.

Eve Duncan feels an unusual connection with the girl she calls jenny, and eventually becomes entangled in the case than she normally does.

When the killer discovers that Eve Duncan in on the case, he begins to move in, eliminating those most remotely involved, like the FedEx truck driver who picks up the reconstructed skull, and won’t stop targeting those who could potentially reveal his identity.

The story flows well with the exception of several unexpected events that don’t lead anywhere.

The fast-paced evolution of the novel compels the reader to turn page after page.

This novel originated from an intriguing idea, but unexpected events as mentioned above, disrupt the fast pace.

A friend of Eve’s, Margaret Douglas, who as the ability to read animals’ minds presents an entertaining and paranormal, if not convoluted and improbable character in the novel.

Iris Johansen has come up with a unique, surprising, and interesting plot full of suspense, and which makes here latest Eve Duncan novel absolutely worth reading.

Eve Duncan’s husband Joe, and sheriff Nalcheck are important characters. Without their help the story would not have unfolded as it did.

Highly recommended.


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