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Book Review: Share Delicious Dishes For Foodshare and Friends.

Toronto has become one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. According to researchers, 180 different languages are spoken, and people from the four corners of the world bring their recipes for the enjoyment of others.

They like to share their food and taste discoveries with locals.

Originally, Toronto’s food culture was essentially English and Scottish, but now specialties of both are a rarity in restaurants.

The in-food is sustainable and seasonal, and preferably locally grown.

As everyone who lives in southern Ontario knows well locally grown fresh vegetables and fruits are not available all year round, but imported versions can be obtained readily at affordable prices.

Foodshare is a dynamic community that promotes recipes of constituent communities of the city i.e latkes, jerk chicken, late Jack Layton’s version of bouillabaisse, Indian specialties, Spanish and Russian soups (gazpacho and borscht respectively), chicken noodle soup with matzo balls, are just a few.

Main course recipes are particularly enticing and relatively easy to cook. Try the butternut squash and chana curry, pasta e fagioli, chicken Marbella with prunes, olives and capers, spice-rubbed steak with orange salsa, Chinese fried rice, Persian chicken and walnut stew.

The pictures and print are exceptionally high quality.

Both authors have done an excellent job in selecting the recipes, but more importantly. Marion Kane, who was the food editor of Toronto Star for 18 years, thoroughly tested each one to ensure that all work.

All “foodies” everywhere will benefit from these recipes and the text.

Highly recommended.

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