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Book Review: A Short guide to a long life

The author, a medical doctor, and professor of medicine, has created a book every North American should read, and put into action all the advice it contains.

To be sure, much of what the good doctor has written is in the public domain, but not in a sequence and in such light-hearted way that he has accomplished.

In this brilliant book, the author introduces things that in the 19th century were common practice, like walking daily for a few kilometres or at least one hour, eating “real” food. Drinking alcoholic beverages in moderation to name just a few natur4al things people did daily. In

the 20th century people became accustomed to using machines and cars instead of doing manual work and walking.

Now, it is even worse, partially because the way the postindustrial economy works.

Millions spend their working, lives in front of computer monitors, walk a few minutes daily, eat convenience foods loaded with salt, sugar, fat, and preservatives and then wonder why they put on so much weight. The narrative is easy to read; practically all recommendations are indisputable, except one – statins. Before you take them, discuss it with your physician.

A healthy lifestyle, as the good doctor suggests, will certainly prolong your life, provided you follow his advise all the time and religiously.

The three-part format (What to do, What to avoid, and Doctor’s orders) is cleverly arranged for reference, if you ever change your daily routine.

One thing the good professor emphasises is regularity, i.e eating at the same time every day, going to bed and waking up at regular times are very important, as is taking your medicines and for the length they are prescribed.

There is no secret that North American corporations got rich and grew very large by selling salt, fat, sugar, and flour to millions.

Massive and sustained advertising and insidiously incorporating these ingredients into all kinds of convenience foods achieved this.

If after reading this highly informative and enlightening book you decide to follow the guidelines you will reap benefits for a long time

Highly recommended.

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