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Book review: Sicily – A Way of Life in 50 Recipes.

Mediterranean food aficionados rejoice. If you want to cook fried olives, fried cheese, caponata, lemon shrimp, seafood salad, pasta with tomatoes, eggplant, peppers and capers, this book is for you.

The author, Janine Saine, successfully captures Sicily’s history and culture in seven chapters, each of which includes appropriate, clearly written recipes. The most important being in this book is that all recipes are relatively easy to produce, and practically all ingredients available in standard North American grocery stores.

The photography of this book is masterly and reflects life in this sunny island. Both recipes and pictures will provide ample food presentation ideas for those who like to serve prettily arranged plates.

The author traveled in Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean, capturing the gastronomic heritage from Greek colonists all the way up to Spaniards who ruled here.

This book will help all interested in healthy cooking, and restaurateurs interested in ingenious recipes for their establishments.

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