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Book review: Simply Great Food.

Diet has become a much-discussed topic in the last decade. The importance of proper diet cannot be stressed enough, especially now when the obesity is becoming slowly but surely a national health hazard and eventually will cost millions, if not billions to contain, and hopefully eliminate. Obesity is a creeping disease.

Proper nutrition should be regarded as an important medium to survive, and medication to prevent obesity related diseases.

In this very worthy book written under the guidance and approval of Dieticians of Canada authors created a reference book to help families enjoy healthy and wholesome, but not fancy food.

The book starts with Canada’s Food Guide recommendations and tips for healthy eating.

The authors recommend family eating to encourage conversation, communication, and for economy. When food is cooked and eaten shortly after it tastes better and when the family eats together the chance of leftovers diminishes, but more importantly, reheating food for latecomers is eliminated. Generally, when family is late, either the saved food must be reheated, or by necessity convenience food is employed, which is a bad idea.

The authors advise against monotonous diets, and encourage people to be adventurous. Recipes are provided with this idea.

Since two of the three authors are RD (registered dieticians) they recommend using fresh food whenever possible, to shop frequently, (in developing countries people shop daily by necessity and for health reasons), and using whole grain bread and pastas. Meat consumption should be minimized for health reasons.

All of the above are covered briefly but well in the first 43 pages of the book.

This is followed by interesting and imaginative breakfast and brunch recipes anyone with a little cooking knowledge or interest in learning can master Here is one recipe anyone can produce successfully  -Quick Breakfast Fruit Pita (page 54).

Appetizer, dip, and sauce recipes are next, followed by soups (including garnishes), salads, main courses and desserts.

Vegetable recipes figure largely in 62 pages. Of course non-vegetarians should try them – all are delicious and nutritious. (Try the Basmati Rice Pilau, you will never want to eat any other type of rice, except when you carve risotto).

This is an excellent book for everyone who wants to enjoy nutritious and tasty food, and live a healthy lifestyle.

Highly recommended ever for long-time homemakers.