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Book Review: The Sixth Extinction

The author, a New Yorker staff writer, has done a superlative job interpreting data and conducting her own research to verify what researchers have been writing for years.

This book should be a clarion call for all humans that climate change and extinction are caused by us.

Regardless of what scientists write and report, millions still go on doing things as they have been doing in the past century, i.e driving around the corner to pick up a newspaper or a litre of milk, just to point out very small but significant contributors to climate change, and extinction of many species of animals.

This spellbinding work in beautiful prose should be required text for all elementary school students, and should be on the bookshelves of all around the world.

Much of “so called” progress is actually damaging the environment for animals that cannot speak for themselves.

It is pathetic to see how huge modern pig “factories” are contributing to pollution, not to speak of indiscriminate poultry farms and increasing cattle production. Factory ships have managed to destroy and deplete oceans of fish and now “entrepreneurs” create fish farms, euphemistically called pisciculture) to make up for the losses.

The opening chapter explains hauntingly how Panamanian frogs have started to disappear in the ongoing crisis in biodiversity.

This should be a wake up call to all of humanity who is determined to earn money and have necessary comforts, end up destroying the earth that provides sustenance.

The author presents history and complex scientific research data in simple enough terms for people to understand the implications of “modern” living

Humans have initiated and accelerated an unravelling of the universe that will be impossible to reverse, and this book lays bare all the facts.

Just the last major development of fracking that causes unexpected settling of the earth’s crust resulting in “earth quakes” should suffice to prove that advanced technology is not always the best for mother earth and humans.

Highly recommended.

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