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Book Review: Skipper

Maritimers, especially in Canada, depend on the sea, and love it with all its problems it creates, and benefits it provides.

Fishing has been the mainstay for Maritimers for centuries. Fortunately, the off shore petroleum helps economies grow to some extent, but fishing still plays an important role in the lives of many thousands.

The portrayal of Captain Mitchell is outstanding. It lays out how he started, what he accomplished, sustained himself and his family through Word War II and how he ended up being appointed the shore captain of the Fisheries Museum in Lunenburg, once a busy port, and home to shipbuilding.

The descriptions of wood dories and how steel trawlers changed fishing evoke an era that will never return.

For everyone who likes a good maritime yarn, and yarns are Eastern Seaboard’s yesteryear the Skipper, is a must read to reminisce.

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