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Book Review: Stalin’s secret agents

Historians for long maintained that spies on both sides of americans and russians contributed largely to formulate policies and actions of franklin delano roosevelt, and h. V. Stalin.

This well researched book argues convincingly by presenting facts that russian spies penetrated the american government of the time. Most, if not all, left leaning, highly-placed american government officials are suspected to have spied for russia.

Recently declassified documents reveal that many crucial documents and top secret memoranda were destoryed or well hidden.

Stalin obtained from fdr much mroe than he conceded, and this was mostly due his superior knowledge of the american government’s internal policies and thinking, courtesy of his spies.

American socialists in 1940’s were able to startegically penetrate the american government and caused substantial damage to policies that could have helped the us during and after world war ii.

Stettinius, a wealthy american appointed by fdr as his secretary of state, was essentially incapable of formulating successfully policies to further american interestes, and relied on his aids who were working for the russians or at least symphatising with socialist ideas.

Alger hiss, later discovered and convicted, was one of the more prominent figures working for russians. This book proves it by several documents, and analyses the repercussions of his activities.

Fdr’s poor health may have contributed to many mistakes he committed in his meetings with stalin and churchill both in tehran and yalta.

Herbert romerstein has served as head of the office to counter soviet disinformation at the us information agency, and on the staff of the house intelligence comittee. M.stanton evans is a veteran journalist.

Both haev unearthed valuable historically important information through meticulous research.

This is an important, eye-opening, highly informative expose of stalin’s inflitration of fdr’s adminstration and should be required reading for all high school , and political science students, all government officials, congressmen, and employees of the cia and fbi.

Highly recommended.

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