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Book Review: A Stolen Life.

This moving story written by an innocent girl abducted at the age of 11 while walking to school is refreshing, and written by the victim in her own words.

It makes the story more compelling and saddening that at the turn of the 20th century to the 21st in advanced economy country, such abduction can occur.

More startling is the fact that authorities could not find any trace of Jaycee Dugard for 18 years.

A Life Stolen is a remarkable story as the writer gave birth twice, impregnated by a mentally sick, convicted man on parole, kept her sanity, cared for her children and by a “miraculous” happening, was freed from the “prison” in which she was kept for almost two decades.

The graphic scenes she describes in vivid sentences may disturb and move sensitive readers.

More telling is the behaviour of the wife of her abductor. What woman can tolerate a husband who is using an underage girl as a sex slave, and even help him to continue his immoral behaviour.

Jaycee Dugard is a survivor who intuitively understood that she would have to follow instructions in order to survive and protect her children.

Although taken at a very young age the author deduced that the only way to survive is to “pretend” and do whatever is required to continue until the time came to be freed.

It is a courageous story and tells readers to never give up hope.

A Stole Life is an important book on many levels – survival, instinct, hope and inspiration; to encourage (may be even demand) changes of the American Justice system and legislate the behaviour of judiciary officials to be inquisitive, and “dig” deeper; morally to be involved in situations i.e neighbours asking questions about strangers in families.

This riveting memoir, written by an unexpectedly “wise” woman who managed to survive for 18 years in captivity and procreate,, two children, should be in the libraries of every concerned citizen, not only in North America, but in all civilized countries.