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Book Review: Stories I Only Tell My Friends.

The author, a famous actor, as well as show-business executive, has been an international icon starting at age 15 and has created an autobiography like no other.

Highly entertaining and revealing, this staccato style written biography would pelase all who watch TV programmes and are movie fans.

The revealing parts deal with movies, directors, and sets.

Most people think directors deal with workers and actors fairly, and with due consideration because of difficult time schedules and budget constraints.

The author puts and end to these false perceptions, and tells actors must adapt to constantly changing demands of producers and directors.

Auditions represent yet another set of problems that young and yet unknown actors must constantly attend. The importance of agents for actors becomes clear during reading and to what extent they can help or ruin promising acting talent.

Overall, this a very entertaining, informative book and fun to read for everyone who follows movie and TV actors.

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