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Book Review: Stray Bullets.


Robert Rotenberg, a criminal lawyer residing in Toronto, has written a page-turning fiction set in downtown of Ontario’s capital.

In this captivating thriller, the story with several important characters, the author successfully uses his law background in the writing style and drama that unfolds.

If reflects Toronto’s constantly evolving ethnic composition, and provides a fascinating environment to the plot.

Stray Bullets is written in such a way that you may consider trading a good night’s sleep to finish reading it.

The author explains vividly the legal protracted process, the police work, and how detectives must work in unfamiliar environments with convicts, sacrifice to clear up murky stories in an attempt to catch murderers, innocent, deferential people involved, and peripheral characters, such as attorneys and crown attorneys.

The lawyerly prose captivated the reader and compels him/her to continue in an attempt to find out what happens next and which may be surmised, but is also unexpected. That makes this thriller all the more interesting and readable.

The detail of downtown Toronto is palpable and conveys the familiarity of the author with all the avenues, boulevards, streets alleys, and institutions.

This thriller, Rotenberg’s third, shows how his writing and plots captivate the readers. Expect more of such oeuvres from this lawyer turned mystery writer.

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