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Book review: Sub Rosa.

This is a. Dawn’s first novel, and to no ones surprise it has been hailed as stunning, daring, and post-feminist by several critiques.

The author has a vivid imagination, and seems to have observed very closely and in real life the “professional” and private lives of sex workers. Her descriptions both real and imagined underground world are vivid and captivating.

The reader feels compelled to read page after page to learn more about Little, the heroine of the novel, a 15 year old runaway, who manages to behave like an adult and like a teenager in an strange environment.

Some scene descriptions are so detailed and explanatory that the reader cannot help but feel himself transported to pictorial and vivid environments.

No doubt manta teenagers like Little exist in large North American and European cities where a number of “shady” characters are involved in lucrative human smuggling and prostitution rackets.

Highly recommended to parents with teenage offspring, teenagers already living on their own, and educators teaching teenagers.
An eye-opening novel, evolving in “neverland” and real world with allegoric characters resembling real ones.

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