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Book Review: Sunday Brunch.

Brunch buffets are one of the essentials of Sunday mornings for many families. Most prefer to go to a hotel and enjoy a leisurely late breakfast that in its composition fits lunch. For many, and extended brunch means no dinner.

Now, there are also restaurants and some hotels that offer a la carte brunch menus which a few gourmets prefer.

Brunch is, in fact, a relatively new phenomenon in the United Kingdom and North America. Elsewhere in the world, the words does not exist, and people are oblivious of its meaning.

Guy Beringer coined the word in 1895 in an article in a British magazine.

In this exquisitely laid out boo with outstanding photographs, the author, an accomplished and imaginative cook, reveals recipes that anyone who enjoys cooking and food would love.

While reading the recipes, your mouth will start watering and you will want to start cooking immediately.

The book is logically structured with a short chapter of essential equipments, then proceeds to eggs; gratins, flans, tarts; griddle items; breads and pastries; fruits; side dishes, and drinks.

At the end of the book you will find a handy brunch planner with suggestions for holidays, seasonal dishes, and brunches for children, large crowds, quick brunches, and healthy spreads.

There are hundreds of books on cooking with thousands of recipes, then the Internet is full of websites offering recipes of all kinds, but none, to my knowledge, offers imaginative, and delectable recipes as Sunday Brunch does.

If you like eating breakfast and leisurely meals on Sunday, or that matter any day, this book is for you.