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Book Review: Tasmania.

Tasmania, off the coast of South Australia, was discovered by Dutch captain Abel Tasman, and first called Van Diemen’s Land in honour of the regional Dutch governor at the time (1642).

Aboriginals inhabited Tasmania, but in 1700’s captain Bligh landed and claimed it for England and by 1788 the first fleet arrived from Sydney with English convicts.

This huge, lush, and sparsely populated island endowed with rich resources is now a valuable part of Australia producing fruits, vegetables, and above all, supplies seafood from its pristine waters.

Tourism is now an important segment of the economy, and more and more Australians and foreigners are visiting Tasmania for its untamed natural beauty and hiking.

This excellent guide allocates a chapter to the different regions and contains maps for each, describes important sights, provides lists of hotels and other types of accommodation, and restaurants.

The authors have done an admirable job to select all the worthwhile sights in each region, such as the Tamar Valley wine route, and Cataract Gorge in Lauceston, and all the farms that tourists can visit to sample their produce.

Tasmania has now become an important wine-producing region in Australia and small wineries eagerly sample their wares to whoever is interested.

From a tourism perspective, the region is still evolving, and by the time you arrive there, many more hotels, other types of accommodation and restaurants than those listed may be operating.

This is a well organized, easy to read, informative, and accurate guide.

Highly recommended.

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