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Book Review: Going to Teheran.

This is an excellent, well-written, frank and courageous book, suggesting to change American foreign policy in general, more so towards the Islamic Republic of Iran.

President Obama’s administration, including all others preceding it, have taken an antagonistic attitude towards the mullahs, setting policy in the oil-rich countries in the Middle East.

All of these politicians, some brain-washed advisors, Iranian émigrés, Saudi-backed lunatics, and assorted charlatans advocate, and generally succeed, to convince policy makers in the US government that and adversary and antagonistic stance towards Iran will change the Middle East for the better.

American governments have tried to overthrow some 50 countries, since 1949, by covert or overt actions (mostly through the CIA and other collaborators) and have never been able to accomplish their objective/There are many examples in South America, the Middle East and elsewhere in the world.

These two well educated, once government insiders on foreign policy, deserve credit for challenging the short-sighted policies on the Middle East in general, and Iran in particular.

Both fully back their assertions by extensive footnotes (66 pages in all), and this voluminous book stands out from all others regarding US – Iran relations.

The present government in Iran may have great financial difficulties and thousands of state employees may be corrupt, but the government has the backing of the masses. It must be pointed out that the American mainstream media reports blindly what is fed to reporters by public relations companies or government agencies before verifying events reported.

All US administrations, since the “fall” of the Shah, have been unsuccessful in their efforts to fight the Islamic Iranian government by imposing sanctions and that resulted ruining the economy of the country and millions of its citizens.

Now, the mullahs seek political and economic help with Russia, China, and even North Korea with regard to nuclear technology.

Both authors walk the reader through the maze of misperceptions and misinterpretations of what Iranian officials say. Some Middle Eastern politicians, or leaders, who blatantly try to mislead the White House foreign policy with regard to this oil-rich part of the world.

Sanctions have unintended repercussions like depraving sick children of effective medications, ruining the lives of ordinary families and turning Iranian politicians to countries with regimes that are less “savoury” than that of Iran.

This is an excellent book for anyone interested in US foreign policy, how and why it is formulated the way it is, and mainstream media that reports anything told them.

All American politicians, foreign service employees, and students studying politics will benefit immensely.

Highly recommended.

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