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Book Review: The 17 Day Diet.

Many book have been written, and no doubt, many more will be written, about dieting and weight loss.

In many countries, but especially in North America, obesity has taken epidemic proportions, because of poor nutrition, convenience, and inactivity. For most people, driving replaces walking, and other chores are performed by workers, house help, or machines.  Believe it or not, you can buy electric toothbrushes, or can openers.

The 17-Day Diet written by a young doctor is based on the concept of “metabolic confusion” within the body. Metabolism is the body’s own fat burning process, which when raised, causes weight loss.

This entertaining book, unlike most other diet books, explains everything in detail, and what is more appealing in that each chapter contains several highlighted and relevant questions that patients asked the author, i.e Am I allowed to drink alcohol on The 17 Day Diet? The answer is revealing.

Then there other highlighted paragraphs that answer common, but rarely explained facts, like the difference between toxins and metabolic rate.

The book contains four major sections, plus specially created recipes for this diet.

The first section deals with accelerated weight loss, the second with body’s adaptation to fat burning due to change of diet prescribed in the accelerated weight loss chapter. The third section changes the diet again to a new pattern of diet and the fourth consists of repeating the first three.

The good doctor tells you plainly that if you are prone to weight gain, and many people are for a variety of reasons, you must diet all the time to maintain losses incurred due to your “strict” dieting following his plan.

Studies show that most people who lose weight gain weight again, sometimes even more that they have lost, once off the diet.

Scientists claim that this off and on of weight gain and loss is worse than being overweight.

In The 17 Day Diet you can drop up to 5.5 kilograms in two-and-a-half weeks, which is mostly based on water loss combined with absence of starch in the diet.

This diet works, but it must be followed to the letter, and continued, once desired weight loss has been achieves.
In weight loss, calories count, and people who claim otherwise are either ignorant or afraid to tell the truth.

This is an excellent weight loss book written by a doctor who evidently knows how the body reacts to diets.

Highly recommended!