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Book review: The Art of Preserving.

This is a timely book with outstanding photographs and meticulously selected recipes.

The deep recession of 2009 that started in the U S A and quickly spread to Europe and Asia forced many families to re-examine their food expenditures.

Many stay-at-home mothers, and their mothers started either growing vegetables, or preserving them, or doing both in an attempt to save, but more importantly to enjoy naturally flavourful preserves.

Commercial products are rarely, if ever, as lovingly and carefully produced as those made at home by caring individuals. Then, of course, there is the joy of enjoying home-prepared food.

The authors start every chapter with an explanation, and follow up with recipes, which lead into related recipes

The chapters deal with jams and jellies, preserves, conserves, and marmalades, sweet butters and curds, pickled fruits and vegetables, salsas, relishes and chutneys, condiments and sauces.

References at the end of the book provide in-depth information about canning, the nature of pectin, techniques and yields.

The photography by France Ruffenach, who specializes in food pictures, is art to be enjoyed and admired much like paintings.

Recipes are well thought-out presented and contain sufficient information even for novices to proceed without major setbacks.

Come summer, North American farmers’ markets teem with fresh produce and interested parties take advantage of this abundance in many ways. Many families like to cook, grill, or preserve, or all of the three.

This is a book fro all who like to enjoy fresh, well-prepared, well-preserved food that stores for long periods;

Use it as an investment; you will be richly rewarded with jams and all kinds of preserves throughout the year.

Highly recommended!

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