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Book review: The Best 30-Minute Vegetarian Recipes.

Eating vegetarian is becoming more and more popular. Thanks to thousands of articles written by nutritionists, environmentalists, and medical researchers.

Presently, an estimated 15 per cent of the North American population follows a vegetarian diet. Some vegetarians eat dairy and cheese, they are called lacto vegetarians; others eat exclusively vegetables and legumes, and are called vegans. A few eat also eggs, and dairy products and call themselves ovo-lacto vegetarians; and finally a few vegetarians allow themselves to eat fish although infrequently.

Eating vegetables exclusively offers many advantages, but one must be willing to plan the diet carefully to make up for amino acids in the form of nuts and legumes. Vegetarian cooking requires more time and care. This is where this book comes in. All recipes were created with preparation time in mind and can be prepared in 30 minutes or less if you are well organized, and have all the ingredients ready.

The author of this book has done an admirable job in sharing vegetarian recipes that are sensible, quick to prepare, and contain mostly ingredients that are available in regular grocery stores.

The introduction contains valuable information about variety of food, stocking the pantry, accessibility of ingredients and encouragement to experiment and improvise once you master a recipe.

The book is conveniently divided into appetizers (22 recipes); soups (14); salads (22); main courses (48); side dishes (13), and desserts (22).

The photography in this book will help readers tog ain valuable insights into food presentation. We eat as much with our eyes, as with our mouths.

This is an excellent book not only for vegetarians, but also for people who enjoy meat, poultry and fish. They can enhance their diet by incorporating at least some of the recipes in their repertoire.

They will learn about tabbouleh, couscous, cracked wheat, and tahini, just to mention a few ingredients that up to recent times few knew existed.

Those who are thinking about following a vegetarian diet will benefit greatly too.

Highly recommended!