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Book review: The Book of Bourbon and other fine American Whiskies.

Americans prefer their whiskies more than any other, although Scotch, Canadian and Irish brands sell very well too.

American with a population of approximately 320 million, the majority of whom are well off, is one of the most lucrative whiskey markets in the world.

Surprisingly, although Americans enjoy millions of bottles of whiskey, most know little about the history, production techniques, distilleries, and the difference between Kentucky Bourbon and Tennessee process. Other states also produce whiskey, which this book covers at length.

The husband and wife team of authors set out to educate the public with regard to American whiskey and Kentucky Bourbon in particular.

The more you knowledgeable the consumer, the more he/she can appreciate a product. The authors have done an excellent job covering all aspects of whiskey including history, production, distilleries, cooking with whiskey and how to appreciate best their cherished spirits in eight chapters.

You will notice that the Americans spell whiskey with an “e”, as do the Irish, while Scotch and Canadians omit the “e”.

Richly illustrated, this book covers everything you would want to know about American whiskey and how the temperance movement and ensuing Prohibition damaged the industry depriving the government of millions, if not billions of tax dollars.

It is only in the 1990’s that American distillers have fully caught up with lost ground, and have now embarked upon an evolution to produce high-end smoother and more flavourful whiskies.

If you want to know about Jack Daniel’s green and black label whiskies, read the section explaining the difference, and if you are interested finding out the difference between Bourbon and the Tennessee process then you will find it in this extensive book.

It is possibly the most illuminating, informative, and extensive book about American whiskey and belongs in the library of every serious spirit consumer.

Highly recommended to all bartenders and whiskey enthusiasts.

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