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Book review: The Bottom Billion.

Governments of developed countries have sunk billions of dollars into sub-Saharan Africa over the years, and unfortunately there is little to show for t.

This much we know; what we do not know is how funds have been used or abused by different African governments.

In most cases, funds have been abused, and have lined the pockets of officials, high-placed military officers, politicians and hangers-on to politicians.

Professor Paul Collier along with bright doctoral candidate students conducted research to find out

What happened, and explains in detail the relevant geographical features, history, policy, and behaviour of various heads of states contributed to poverty, suffering, and economic stagnation. He is impartial in his assessment of how objective failed, and in some cases even had negative results contributing to reverse of economic conditions.

Professor Collier unearthed statistics, or deducted from data available, facts that will stun readers. He also reveals how some credible charities can inadvertently or knowingly twist facts, or commission people to write false reports to mislead the public.

Most importantly, the good professor has thought long and hard to come up with suggestions that can correct at least some of the major mistakes from recurring.

Overall, this is a book for all involved in charity work, the public, and government employees in respective ministries or departments, and managers of all charitable organizations to read, study in detail, and change existing policies.

The most important audience though is the staff of developing countries in Africa and elsewhere in the world.

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