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Book review: The Facebook Effect.

Since its inception a little more than half a decade ago, the company has been able to attract 500 million users worldwide.

In this short period, Facebook has helped mount political protests in countries like Iran and Colombia.

Mark Zuckerberg, who invented the Facebook concept as a freshman at Harvard University, has been able to expand on his original idea, and expand the company along with friends and little initial financial help from his dentist father.

Like every enterprise in the modern world, Mark Zuckerberg had to fight several individuals who claimed that he had stolen their intellectual capital but no court case could prove it to be so.

Veteran reporter David Kirkpatrick has written this excellent, and superbly researched book with the full co-operation of the CEO of Facebook and others in the management team.

It explains in detail how start-ups must fight envious and/or hostile outsiders and companies interested in buying a successful and potentially very profitable company.

Throughout the book, the author shows how young people think and behave and how businessmen of the “old school” perceived them.

Today’s young entrepreneurs may wear T-shirts, flip-flops, and baggy pants, but they should not be underestimated when it comes to business and their own interests,

Mark Zuckerberg is wise enough to surround himself with savvy administrators an listen to their advice, but reserves the right to make all the important decisions with regard to the future of the Facebook, He even took the advise of hiring a management guru to suggest ways to manage the constantly growing company.

Facebook created a communication phenomenon that started in the U S A, but has now expanded worldwide wherever the Internet is widely used by students, businesses advertisers, and even politicians.

Fecebook’s extremely well detailed market segment information is unmatched and meticulously maintained, and was designed by software engineers intimately familiar with the ways the “in” generation thinks and acts.

This is a book for all businessmen and –women to read, study carefully, and draw conclusions to develop their businesses, design their business plans and change their strategies in an attempt to be ready for the upcoming changes worldwide.

Highly recommended.

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