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Book review: The lady Matador’s Hotel.

Cristina Garcia, a lecturer on writing at several universities, writer pf acclaimed literary works, has a very engaging and vivid style.

The reader gets a thorough understanding of the setting, and can imagine how people behave, given the circumstance.

In Lady Matador’s Hotel, the lives of six men and women converge over the course of one week. The luxury hotel’s location is never revealed, but one surmises it to be somewhere in Mexico.

The lady matador is the off-spring of a Mexican-Japanese marriage, one the more important in the novel, the other is  A Korean factory owner with an “amorous liaison” to a local underage girl. The third deals with a Cuban and American couple about to take an adopted child into their union.

If you want to know how some Latino hotel workers treat unsuspecting American tourists, you will learn a great deal. This alone is worth the price of the book and more, because it also tells you how foreign visitors in general, and Americans in particular are perceived in Latin American countries.

The book is written in a fast flowing fashion, dealing with each couple in more or less “chapters”.

The author definitely has a vivid imagination and outstanding capacity to put in words  – quality few writers can claim.

She is a modern writer, blending into her prose Spanish words and phrases most reader understands.

She understands how military people think, act, and spend money. She also reveals the darker side of how child adoption works, at least in Latin American countries, and how the law of the land is circumvented by highly educated lawyers and those with “connections” to government agencies.

This is an enjoyable, entertaining and educational book on hotel employee and guest behaviour, and psychology in general.

The brilliantly conceived plot and writing will captivate you and encourage you to read page after page as it did to me.

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