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Book review: The Longest War – The Enduring Conflict Between America and Al-Qaeda.

The author is considered to be the foremost authoritative and insightful analyst on Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda in America.

The Longest War, based on innumerable interviews with insiders, experts, and long time and retired intelligence agency employees describes how al Qaeda was conceived in Saudi Arabia, then had to change its address to Sudan, and eventually forced to relocate in Afghanistan.

Today, it seems to be functioning from makeshift offices in lawless Waziristan in northeastern Pakistan.

The Longest War is a compelling account of how the American government was and still is determined to eradicate this organization whose stated objective is to inflict economic and political damage to the U.S.A by any means.

Contrary to the widely held belief that Osama bin Laden bankrolls all operations from its own funds, there are many rich business people who donate and finance “projects”.

Peter Bergen also states that although all American intelligence agencies combined, spend an estimated $ 75 billion annually, they cannot gather sufficient actionable information to achieve their goal.

The style of writing flows well, and the information provided is convincing, based on deep and long research. For the reader, The Longest War represents a treasure trove of thrill, tactical planning, political thought, and how politicians make life and death decisions for

thousands who must accomplish their objectives. The economic burden of war on the economy at present, and in the future (for treatment of physically and mentally injured soldiers is staggering and the author thoughtfully states his concerns.

The Longest war is indispensable history for many generations of the population, but especially for the armed forces. It may even be used to rethink how modern wars may have to be conducted.

Pete Bergen succeeded in writing an authoritative and informative book that every individual everywhere should read, analyse, think about and draw conclusions.

Highly recommended!

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