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Book review: The Men Who Stare at Goats.

Mental power and intelligence have for long been touted as important as warfare tools.

In this book, the author sets it up beautifully describing how supposedly intelligent and experienced military officers set up units to use mental power to eliminate, or at the very least second guess, or severely injure the enemy.

The US military brass seems to have believed and still believes in the human mental power as a “killing” toll, thereby spending millions of dollars to train soldier.

Homeland Security in the USA also uses mental control methods.

In addition to all the above the effects of low and high sound frequencies are explored to control minds, if not discover what people are planning.

It is scary to learn how the BFI infiltrates religious sects to obtain information and uses it when events warrant intervention.

This is a book that flows from one government agency to another with remarkable information, which occasionally appears surreal.

Some of the people described seem to have supernatural powers to render animals immobile, and the author seems to suggest that such people could develop techniques of “mental powers” to kill.

Even the English MI6 is mentioned, (the author is English), the experts of which have reputedly invented deception techniques in World War II to defeat the German army.

A highly interesting book to enlarge the knowledge of modern warfare, and is well worth reading.

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