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Book Review: The Oxford Companion to Wine

This monumental, scholarly, impartial and refreshing wine reference book cum encyclopaedia, is an indispensable text for wine enthusiasts, students who are studying to become sommeliers, and those in hotel and restaurant management schools, not to mention wine writers and winemakers.

The first edition of the Oxford Companion To Wine was published in 1991 and then was periodically revised an expanded. This is the fourth and substantially expanded edition, edited by the world famous wine writer Jancis Robinson in collaboration with her long time assistant Julia Harding. Both have compiled contributions of 187 academics, wine experts, and wine writers to an oeuvre, with clear maps, entries, information about famous and large wineries, and wine personalities.

All entries are detailed, and help the reader discover the origin of wine, and to understand how care in faring, harvesting, processing, and blending contribute to its taste, texture, longevity and enjoyment.

Every wine lover eventually reaches a point where enjoyment requires more knowledge, and this encyclopaedia fills the gaps.

Every connoisseur, educator, expert comes across wine related questions, and needs answers – Oxford Companion To Wine has those answers and more.

Both editors deserve to be regarded as the pinnacle of wine erudition, able to compile illuminating entries along with incomparable text, organization and graphics.

This is an indispensable and definitive wine reference book for every professional, beginner and enthusiast.

Highly recommended.

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