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Book review: The Search for God and Guinness.

At first blush it seems sacrilegious to parallel Christianity with the history of Guinness, the world-famous stout beer brewery of Dublin.

The author has been able to write a book about Arthur Guinness, an 18th century entrepreneur, who not only was able to brew ad market a sensational beer, but also accomplish significant charitable work for his employees and motivated his off springs to do likewise.

Arthur Guinness was a great man of faith, an audacious entrepreneur who, at age 29, signed a land lease for 9000 years in 1759 and started a brewery whose product is enjoyed, more than 11 million pints a day, worldwide in 150 countries, and brewed in 49.

Arthur Guinness and his descendants understood that an entrepreneur must treat his employees well in order for them to do the best for the employer, a principle most companies seem to forget nowadays.

Amassing fortunes on the backs of needy people never helps societies to advance, and the Guinness clan did a lot to further education and health for the Irish people then and now.

Guinness founded the first Sunday schools in Ireland, fought against duelling (a wide practice in the 18th century Europe) and chaired the board of a hospital for the poor. At the beginning of the 20th century, a brewery employee enjoyed full medical and dental care, massage therapy, reading rooms, subsidized meals, a fully funded pension plan, educational benefits, and much more, plus two pints of beer daily. These are benefits the majority of employees do not enjoy today in the 21st century.

The company grew, and grew, and now owns a Scotch distillery, another brewery specializing in lager-style beers, and thriving. Today, Guinness is a publicly owned company under the umbrella organization called Diageo, the world’s largest alcoholic beverage conglomerate and marketer of fine potent liquids. The philosophy of Guinness is to grow by being research=oriented, innovative, and paying attention to detail, so much so, that at one time two full time inspectors travelled the world to report problems in transportation and distribution of beer in distant countries. They also made recommendations to eliminate these problems I order to deliver a fine bottle of beer to retailers. Quality reigns supreme in Guinness philosophy, and to this the management does everything possible to ensure that a bottle of Guinness meets quality and consistency objectives all the time. To achieve this, it is brewed under licence in 49 countries.

Harry Grattan Guinness used to say: “ Gentlemen, find out the will of God for your day and generation, and then as quickly as possible, get into line”.

The amount of charitable work the Guinnes s family did and continues to do is truly astounding including renovating churches, contributing to hospitals, education needy children, and much more.

Guinness follows sound management principles – whatever you do, do it well and consistently. Think in terms of generations to come, master the facts before you act, support and research and development, and follow God’s way.

Highly recommended for entrepreneurs, history enthusiasts and the general public.

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