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Book review: The Tourist.

Well-written and intriguing spy novels reveal a lot of information generally unavailable to the public at large. It seems newspapers fail to report everything that the public should know. Editors filter a lot of information for many reasons. Some relate to government concerns, others with advertising income.

Olen Steinhauer’s Tourist is a modern spy novel based on facts disguised as fiction. He has a very good knowledge of European cities, and the C I A.

The Tourist, a rich and intriguing spy novel, should be savoured now while events described in it are relatively recent and reflect today’s mentality.

The story told here has many facets from the origins of the main character Milo Weaver, to his wife and daughter other players are American, European, and some Oriental, mainly Chinese.

One learns a lot about how CIA`s clandestine operations work, and how European espionage and counterespionage function.

The style of writing has a good flow, and events flow from one location to another flawlessly. A first rate spy novel that would thrill every fan of such novels.

Read it to be entertained and enlightened.

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