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Book review: The Travel Book.

This richly illustrated coffee table book with breath taking photographs is a work of art for everyone who likes photography, and traveller interested in visiting countries outside of the mainstream destinations.

Lonely Planet, the brainchild of Tony Wheeler, is a company started as a travel book publishing enterprise on a shoestring budget, and is now a major publisher of tourist guidebooks.

There are 192 sovereign countries in the world, but the book deals with 229 counting “colonies” and constituents of some jurisdictions i.e the Untied Kingdom as four countries (England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland).

The last few pages of the book lists dependencies, overseas territories, departments and administrative divisions/regions of the Netherlands, the Untied Kingdom, New Zealand, Norway, and France.

Several writers have contributed to the text. Each country is presented in the same format under uniform headings. Each country’s section also includes a map to help the reader visualize the shape of it and its major cities.

Each country’s description is lucid, captures its essence well, and gives a good idea a potential traveller can expect from a visit.

The photography is beautiful, and in plenty, printed on high-gloss luxury paper.
This is an excellent book for people who like to travel and explore. You can start your research here and then refine and enlarge the information on the Internet before making arrangement.

For very jurisdiction mentions in the book, the author recommends a literary book complementing the country in question.

The edition reviewed is the second and very attractively priced.

Highly recommended!