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Book review: The Weeknight Cook – Fresh and Simple Recipes for Good Food Everyday.

Everyone with a family to feed knows how difficult and time-consuming this activity becomes daily.

The Weeknight Cook was conceived, planned, and written to ease this constant problem.

The book is presented in a binder to facilitate use and planning of meals. You can actually plan the menu for a whole week, pull each recipe, calculate all the required amounts of ingredients and shop accordingly. Then you file recipes to follow each weekday.

Yields and equivalents of fruits and vegetables are presented on one page, followed by tips how to get started, shop, and store foods. This section is followed by a discussion of cooking techniques i.e blanching, grilling, roasting, sautéing, and stir-frying, leading into fundamental recipes.

On page 15 a month’s worth of menus will help you plan your first few months, after which you can select from hundreds of recipes provided in sections dealing with appetizers, salads, soups, pastas and grains, vegetables, seafood, meat, desserts and references to volume, weight, temperature, and more valuable topics.

This is a book for young people of both genders who live on their own, or those couples with plans to marry, for homemakers, and for those who must juggle full-time work and feeding a family.

It is well organized contains valuable information, and recipes that can be quickly produced.

Richly illustrated, this a book is an asset fro anyone who likes to cook, present food in an appetizing manner, and those who enjoy tasty food.

Highly recommended!

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