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Book review: Three Stages of Amazement.

This talented author’s eagerly awaited second novel is a grand love story and a dazzling social chronicle of turbulent America today.

It deals with the lives trials and tribulations of a couple living in San Francisco in a house they cannot afford, and in contrast to a rich couple living in a nearby upscale neighbourhood.

The story is based post Great Recession of 2009 in the U.S.A.

The author’s insight into love, and sex, grief and hope are startling. She is a cool observer, but writes in a “hot” and engaging style.

The world of marriage is both complicated and complex. The highs of success and greater love, the struggles, and demanding careers are difficult to manage successfully, but this gifted novelist manages to explain all in detail in most interesting fashion.

Here characters are real and compel the reader to know them well from the beginning.

Carol Edgarian’s bracingly intelligent, profoundly human prose is simply captivating compelling the reader to turn age after page.

This is a book to cherish, and should be read for as second time after a few weeks, finishing it to gain more insight in the complications of life today in west coast U.S.A.

Recommended for all young and old couples to gain profound insight into  life in general, and marriage in particular.