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Book Review: Those we left behind

The fictional story told by Stuart Neville, considered to be one of the best fiction writers today, is compelling, “forcing” the reader to continue reading to the end.

His style is captivating in its fluent simplicity, and structure of chapters. The whole narrative is written elegantly, exploring the roots of violence in poor families.

The brothers Ciaran and Thomas come from a poor family, were brought u by foster parents in Belfast, and experienced incarceration at a young age.

Ciaran, the younger of the two brothers depends, and is greatly under the influence of his brother Thomas, who laterally runs his brother’s life.

This is a deeply affecting psychological thriller where the author demonstrates his skill in developing the story.

As a reader you can look at Those We Left Behind as a grim and chilling tale of dependence ad obsession that ends in tragedy.

Those We Left Behind also explores how the judicial and social welfare systems of western Europe function with all the inefficiencies human frailty, “bureaucratic greed”, and chain of command.

All these expensive systems need a through revision and updating to do much more good than is done presently.

This is a gripping crime fiction masterfully told by a talented writer.

Highly recommended.

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