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Book Review: Told you so

Ralph Nader, a three time presidential candidate, America’s leading consumer advocate, lawyer, and noted writer, has contributed greatly to making cars safer, the environment less polluted, and food as safe as possible in an enormous economy.

He writes a weekly column on his web page telling readers about inept, corrupt officials, and politicians, bureaucracy and American politics.

This voluminous book contains hundreds of his columns covering – corporate Power, Media and Commercialism, Environment and health, Civil Rights, Civil Liberties, Civil Justice, Government, Global and Labour Concerns, Consumers, and the Economy, Observations, Inspirations, Political Games and a final chapter covering a period from 1972 to 2004.

Nader’s book captures his long history of social activism very well. His exposes of Wall Street greed alone are worth the time you will spend reading this remarkable book.

You can read all the articles in each chapter to get an idea how companies work, overcharge for their products by spending untold amounts on advertising, and actually never backing their products.

Although, he ran as a third party presidential candidate, he could not successfully challenge the other candidates, but according to some the helped G.W. Bush “win” the 2000 election.

This is a book you must read time and again to understand the basics of American politics and how money contributes to policy making as book it clear that America needs more activists.

The author not only claims his assertions, but also produces irrefutable proof.

He not only writes about problems, but also makes meaningful suggestions to rectify shortcomings.

I recommend that you buy this book, to read it chapter by chapter, think about everything you read, discuss with friends, learn about politics, and re-read it again.

Better yet, become an activist as he is.

Highly recommended.

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