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Book Review: Tourism research

Several industries make up tourism, and each requires its own research including psychology, and other related factors.

This excellent book features discussions between qualitative and quantitative methodologies, consideration of indigenous and cross-cultural aspects, step-by-step approach to conducting research, presents case studies, illustrates the relevance and diversity of research in all industries that make up tourism, and provides international examples of research.

The author has been able to cover all the above subjects and more in 12 well- organized chapters.

Each chapter starts with an introduction and continues with in-depth explanations why and how research should be conducted and its benefits.

This is followed up my a summary of the chapter, then questions are presented for discussion, a research project suggested, references quoted, concluding with titles for further reading.

Overall, this book is an excellent tool for all professionals and academics.

Understandably, most tourism research is conducted by academics, and specialized companies in research in countries with considerable tourism income.

The author emphasizes that research must be conducted unbiased, and survey questions formulated to serve the needs of professionals.

By its very nature, research must take relevant cultural aspects into consideration if its is to be useful for the end user.

Highly recommended for tour organizers, companies specializing in incoming tourism, academics, research companies, and advanced tourism students working towards advanced degrees.

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