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Book Review: Tradegy in Crimson

The author has a long tenure in foreign correspondence, and spent 20 years in several countries, including six years in Beijing. During his stay in Beijing, he travelled to several regions, and known first hand, prevailing circumstances both in big cities, Tibet, and the countryside.

Tibet’s exiled leader, the Dalai Lama, is a moral figure, but with a tragic dimension he captures world-wide fame and brings Hollywood actors, potentates, state and federal American politicians to his side, but can do little to end six decades of repression against six million of Tibetans under Chinese rule.

The narrative starts with his interview with the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala (northern India) where the Tibetan government in exile resides.

From there, the author takes the reader to several regions in China including Tibet that Chinese invaded in 1959, and ever since, ruled devoted Tibetan Buddhists repressing their religious practice and resettling millions of Han Chinese in an attempt to render the indigenous population a minority in their own land.

The text shows clearly how Tibetans are discriminated against, denied university education, and made to suffer under constant over and covert police presence.

His long stay in Beijing helps him a great to speak to dissidents, even Han Chinese, how the government controls communication within the country, as well as electronic information from outside.

Chinese diplomats use various techniques to discourage foreign governments and major companies that campaign for the Tibetan cause, occasionally threatening political and financial repercussions.

The book is concise, highly interesting, full of valuable information, insightful and unbiased about Tibetan culture, and policies of the government in exile.

While several famous Hollywood actors including Richard Gere and influential American politicians believe in the Tibetan cause and try to help the Dalai Lama, the author concludes that the Chinese government has won the battle by investing billions in Tibetan infrastructure, resettling millions of Han Chinese, but has yet to win over ordinary Tibetans.

This is an excellent, well conceived, and superbly crafted, well-researched and informative book for every citizen worldwide to understand the importance of vigilance and upholding democracy at all cost.

Highly recommended.

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