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Book Review: The Unwinding

This oeuvre form one of the finest political journalists of America today represents a riveting examination of a nation in crisis.

He clearly explains how American democracy functions, its shortcomings, and of politicians unwilling to change it for the better.

Seismic shifts in one generation have created a country of “winners” and millions of “losers” (the 99 %).

The well conceived narrative journeys through the lives of several Americans of different backgrounds at several levels of destitution or wealth.

George packer portrays how a once powerful nation has become ineffective on the world stage through ill-advise foreign policy and failure to read and correctly interpret world history and its evolutions.

Unwinding is an intriguing book, in that it used a series of interlinked stories to tell of American life today.

This a fascinating, well-documented read that captivates the reader and forces one to read page after page.

It provides an insight well beyond figures into the housing collapse mostly due to irresponsible and greedy bankers, and which the government failed to regulate properly.

There is an element of cynicism and at the end no solutions is provided.

The author simply provides the facts and leaves it up to the reader to draw his/her own conclusions.

America was founded on the premise of freedom, opportunity, hard world and ethical behaviour (with the exception of dealing with First nations fairly).

Instead, the way is being practised toady, has simply destroyed it for all.

Unwinding is a poignant, fascinating and brilliant work that ought to be studied by all politicians in Washington and state capitals world over, and by the public everywhere to draw conclusions and hopefully address all shortcomings.

Highly recommended.

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