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Book Review: Veganissimo A to Z

Approximately 15 per cent of North American population is vegetarian.

There are now various levels of vegetarianism – vegan-, ovo-, ovo-lacto-, macrobiotic-, Buhhist-, Jain-, raw vegetarianism, and fruitarians.

Of all teh vegetarian diets, veganism is the strictest and is practiced by relatively few.

Some vegetarians even avoid restaurants that cook their food in pots and pans used for meat; they shun leather, or anything that was produced using an animal part.

Veganissimo A to Z provides an essential new source for everyone who wants to know exactly what is in the foods and beverages they consume and equipment they use.

There are 2500 detailed entries (A to Z) on ingredients derived from animals.

Veganissmo provides in-depth information about all chemicals; animal parts used in food production today, and detailed information or many convenience foodstuffs, and every household amenity imaginable.

This is an excellent book not only foe vegans, or those who follow their vegetarian diets, but also to the dedicated omnivor.

Both authors are vegetarian and conducted extensive research using their inside sources.

Veganissimo even lists products that go into dietary supplements, pharmaceutical drugs, cosmetics, footwear, brushes and brooms, interior decoration materials, sprots and leisure equipment, electronics and technology.

This is a must read book for all vegetarians, those who are considering to becoming vegetarian, and even those omnivores who eat indiscriminately what is put in front of them, or foods that to them tastes good.

Highly recommended.

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