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Book Review: Vengeance.

Vengeance is the fifth novel of Benjamin Black. This one features pathologist Quirke, and Inspector Hackett in an Irish setting. Descriptions of Dublin are highly interesting and revealing fro those who have visited the lively and lovely city and for those who have plans to visit it.

Victor Delahaye takes Davy Clancy, his business partner’s son, out fro a sail. Although Clancy junior has no interest in sailing, he goes along out of politeness towards hid father’s business partner.

Out on the sea, Delahaye commits suicide in front of the boy. This is the only time a shot is fired in the novel. The rest deals with how Dr. Quirke and Inspector Hackett investigate and eventually solve the mystery.

The suicide appears to be a mystery as the auto repair shop is profitable and Victor Delahaye was recently married to a young and beautiful woman Mona.

This attention grabbing mystery is kept simple and straight forward, yet evolves elegantly by the actions of both investigators.

Highly recommended.

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