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Book review: Vino Argentino.

I can think of no other individual who can write with authority about Argentine wine and the industry.

Only three decades ago it was very difficult to find relevant information about Argentine wine.  A few hopelessly oxidized brand names were available, but one could hardly recognize or taste any specific grape variety in the blend. In short the wines had nothing to offer to the consumer other than alcohol, some acidity, tannins and little else.

Laura Catena, a scion of the Catena family, studied in the U S A, then worked for her father’s winery as a winemaker, and then as an executive.

She not only knows the land, travelled all over the country and world, but also the winemakers of all the regions.

Her book, Vino Argentino, fills the gap of on formation about the wine industry of this vast country (the second largest in South America).

It is the sixth largest wine producing country in the world, and now exports to approximately 100 countries.

In the past, Argentine wineries never felt it necessary to export since the population was drinking all they could produce. What little was exported constituted bulk wine for blending.

Her father, Nicolas catena is an economist with a Ph.D, owner of the Catena wine empire, who after teaching fro many years decided to explore the wine potential of Argentina, the second largest country of the South American continent.

Laura Catena’s book is not only about Argentine wine but also about Mendoza, and all the other regions from two perspectives – wine and a guide to what to visit, where to stay and what to eat. It is a wine travelogue that can be used by anyone wishing or planning to visit the country to organize itinerary without the help and expense of a travel agent.

The book includes the history of Argentine winemaking, the name of all-important wineries and their winemakers, a lot about the “star grape variety” malbec, and the “terroirs” of different regions.

The author has also touched upon the excellent quality of Argentine grass-fed beef and the cuisine that evolved from perfecting grilling techniques and equipment.

This is a book for anyone who appreciates wine to discover what Argentina offers to wine aficionados who like powerful wines, and all interested in visiting the country.

Travel writers are now reporting that Argentina has become a prime destination. It has everything a traveller can wish for.

Highly recommended!

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