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Book Review: I wear the black hat

This author’s definition of villain (a villain is the person who knows most and cares the least) proves correct when evaluating American politicians, musicians and sports idols. Some are liked others thoroughly despised. Think of D. Cheney, or B. Clinton, or R. Reagan, or R. Nixon.
In this highly entertaining, insightful, and thought-provoking book Klosterman explains how his perceptions changed over time after his analysis of many American bands and their individual members.
His style of writing and subjects he writes involve mostly the 1970 – 1990 generation.
His thoughts on the New York subway killer Goetz are revealing as well as thought provoking.
His advice to politicians under investigation and public scrutiny is very apt – say as little as possible and preferably nothing of substance in the courts of law or to the public. (Think of B. Clinton and the Monica Levinsky affair).
The author is a provocative essayist, fine observer of American life in general and famous individuals in particular.
He succeeds in getting the reader think about right and wrong, perception and reality, and everything in between.
The content is insightful, funny, provocative and succinct, compelling the reader to read eagerly to learn about the outcome of various American crime s or political scandals.
The most correct of his observations is: “America is a looks-based, superficial society”.
A good read and highly recommended.

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