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Book review: Windows of the World Complete Wine Cours.

Renowned wine expert and educator Kevin Zraly’s Windows on the world Complete Wine course is one of the best selling books of the genre in the world. (Three million copies sold to date).

The expanded and updated 25th Anniversary Edition contain defined maps of wine producing countries, regions, brand recommendations, how to taste, a list of descriptive terms, and valuable advice on how and where to purchase wine, in free-enterprise alcohol distribution jurisdictions.

The books starts with a chapter titled Prelude to wine explaining where grapes grow, species, ad wine making techniques, followed by white wine s of France, then goes on to white wines of California, wines of Washington State, Oregon, and New York, red wines of Burgundy, Cotes du Rhone, and California.

Chapter seven deals with Spain, and Italy, eight Champagne, Sherry, Port, nine Australia, Hungary, Greece, Austria, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, Chile and Argentina.

A self-administered test at the end of each chapter helps you determine the knowledge gained about the specific topic.

The author travelled to eighty countries to visit wineries and taste their wines, to observe their technology, and update available information.

This is a fine introductory book that explains every aspect of wine including tasting, buying, storing, and service.

Each chapter also includes a list of wines to taste, if available locally.

There is sufficient information to help readers to make intelligent evaluations and form an opinion about the wines of different regions ad each wine tasted.

At the end of each chapter the author recommends at least one source to consult in connection with the regions or country covered fur further study.

One of the key chapters in Windows on the World Complete Wine Course is “The Physiology of Tasting Wine” and what the author calls “the olfactory chapter”, where he explains that one of the most interesting aspect about wine and wine tasting is the way it heightens awareness of the senses.

This book deserves a space on every wine enthusiast and beginner’s library for immediate reading and for reference.

Student of hotel and restaurant management schools would benefit immensely, also food and beverage managers who like to train their service staff in matter of wine service, taste, airing with food and selling.

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