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Book Review: Wine Bites.

The author is a veteran food writer and wine lover who set out to create a book for people who enjoy both, and also like to entertain friends and family, and organize joyful events for other people.

The photographer Kate Mathis has been able to capture the presentation of foods beautifully. Aesthetically they please, but more importantly, the cook or the host can learn how to best present his/her creations.

North Americans are gradually becoming wine drinkers. This offers a lot of advantages to health and helps governments with public health policies curb costs. Wine is taxed more than beer, at least in Canada, which is unfair, but who can claim that tax on alcoholic beverages is fair?

Regardless, Wine Bites is an inspiring book and should become a favourite for all who like to entertain but don’t particularly care to spend inordinate amounts of time to cook, serve and clean up after everyone has left.

The author has created a lot of recipes that require little preparation. She recommends using half processed foods readily available in many grocery stores.

The majority of recipes (grouped under snacks, dips and spreads, cheese, pizzas, bruschetta, toasts and sandwiches, fried bites, seafood bites, meats, small sweets and treats) are easy to put together and sound very appetizing, but best of all, each one goes well with wine from one region or another, or country.

If you lie cheese, she recommends several that would enhance your enjoyment of wine, but also suggests which type of wine goes best with what type of cheese, e.g fresh chevre with rose, pinot grigio or pinot gris from Alsace, or Italy or California, and sauvignon blanc from Loire, or new Zealand, or Ontario, or California.

This thoughtfully conceived book full appetizing and easy-to-produce recipes is treasure trove of enjoyment and entertainment.

Buy it before it is out of print.

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