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Book Review: Wine in Words

The author is the wine columnist at the Wall Street Journal. There are several other books with more or less the same title, but this one deserves a lot of credit for style of writing.

The advanced copy I received contains 240 pages without pictures. Most likely, the final edition will contain several more pages. The focus of the book centres on the most impotent aspects of wine, selection, buying, storing, service, and enjoyment.

She deliberately avoided detailed information about “terroir” (she touches briefly on this subject), grape varieties, and many aspects that oenophiles always talk about.
The contents of the can be considered mini-essays that are informative, irreverent, sometimes opinionated, but always practical, witty and fun to read. A few entries may provoke lively debates that involve attitudes of men and women towards wine and wine selections.

This book should be read first in its entirety, and then kept as a reference to be perused from time to time, to update valuable information. I found the writing irritable, and read page after page often with nods of agreement, but more often with smiles and laughter.

If you are a novice, read it and keep referring to it, and if you happen to be a seasoned drinker you will pick up a few pointers, but more importantly will use the practical information daily. The book is presented in chapter titled – Fun to know, Need to know, Who knows?, and In conclusion.

Each chapter contains several mini-essays highlighting one or more important aspects of wine selection or enjoyment. This is a welcome addition tot eh library of anyone planning to enjoy wine, and those who have already acquired sufficient experience.

Highly recommended.

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