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Book Review: A woman among warlords.

The author is a courageous Afghan who has experienced the vicissitudes, and ruthless political behaviour in her country.

In this highly interesting book, she explains in great detail how Afghan warlords treated her as a parliamentarian. She claims to always tell the truth (I ma convinced she does), but the Afghan parliament she was denied her legal right to inform all parliamentarians since the public address system was turned off after few seconds when she started speaking.

In her detailed accounts she explains how, starting with the president Hamid Karzai, all the politicians were totally corrupt. They advance their interests by “backdoor” deals sometimes with their declared adversaries.

It is mid boggling to read how funds provided by western governments are squandered, or end up in the pockets of corrupt officials or politicians who then fill their coffers with Us dollars and smuggle these funds out of the country, mainly to Dubai which is the closest “safe haven” for their loot.

Her experience at the Loya Jirga, the Afghan traditional event, for consensus and government are revealing how everything is manipulated behind the scenes.

This book is not for the weak-hearted individual who believes in democracy. It is “heavy”, troubled, painting a very dark picture of the country and its future.

The U S A got involved in Afghanistan when the Soviet government invaded the country, by supplying the mujahideen (national and religious fighters) with advanced weaponry.

During teh Taliban regime the government worked with the American government in curbing narcotic production, but the “Bin Laden Attack” in New York” caused the then president of the U S A to declare “war” on the country.

Although the U S A provided billions of dollars in financial and humanitarian help, and spent untold amounts of funds to stabilize the country politically and better the lives of the destitute, and women, the results have been relatively less effective than planned.

This is due mostly to the behaviour or warlords protecting their interests’ and the shortsighted thinking of American politicians.

All these and more come to light in this remarkably honest and straightforward inspirational book that belongs to very public and home library all over the world.

Highly recommended.

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