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Book – All Soldiers Run Away

Some soldiers are heroic, others naïve, and quite a few desert to escape the mental and physical injury that war theatres create.

(According to historians some 50,000 to 180, 000 deserted from both sides during World War II).

Andy Owen, himself a soldier of both Iraq and Afghanistan wars, tells in this straightforward style about a British World War II  deserter who fought under extremely trying circumstances in North Africa.

This part biography, part history, part PTSD (post traumatic syndrome deficit), questions about war, and the role of soldiers, army commanders, as well as politicians.

War encapsulates human cruelty and human compassion.

All commanders understand how they affect soldiers who do the “heavy lifting”, how the whole support system behind any war efforts contribute to victory.

The first recorded war history goes back to 2700 B C, but undoubtedly humans attacked one other for much longer than that.

Napoleon knew that victory depends on the importance of proper diet is.

He said:” Ana army marches on its stomach”.

During World War II, some war theatres were well supplied, others lacked every support due to technical problems, geography and climate.

British soldiers could not function adequately in the fierce North African desert climate, like those of Napoleon’s in Russia’s extreme winter colds.

Alamo’s War examines in-depth the emotional subject of desertion that has been ignored, or more correctly, hidden for a long time.

The history of warfare is long, mental, physical and economic damage inflicted by aggressors and defenders are of tremendous importance to human well-being.

Andy Owen’s book contains much about World War II, and his experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan including important questions, along with valuable information about human behaviour.

Highly recommend to all who follow politics, warfare, cadets in military academies, and the public who endures many of the side effects of any war.

Read it, think about the subject matter and discuss with friends, veterans, family and like-minded people, to derive your own conclusions.

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  1. Salute to soldiers. They do a fabulous job.