Tips to consider before booking a cruise

Exotic Cruise
Exotic Cruise

Before booking a cabin, study the boat plan. Mid-ship and aft-facing balcony suites are in high demand, and also more expensive than standard versions for this reason book well in advance (nine months or longer).

If you are prone to seasickness, select mid-ship cabins in, or better yet, select a boat in which all cabins are on a pendulum design to mitigate wave action.
If you are very sensitive to wave action select a river cruise. There are many that cruise European rivers, i.e the Rhine, the Danube, or canal barges in France.
Book a cabin away from elevator shafts and the nightclub.

Cruise boats are smoke free environments, but a few lines allow smoking on balconies. Dress up for dinner. Cruise line pamphlets will advise you accordingly. Always return on time when the boat calls in a port. It can be embarrassing a costly experience should you return after the stipulated time.

Cruise ships are “closed environments”. Germs, viruses, and bacteria “travel” fast. Always use hand-sanitizing stations.

If you like cruises and sailed the Caribbean Islands, try a cruise that runs along the West African coast from Morocco to Cape Town in South Africa, or take a cruise from Singapore to Indonesian islands, or a boat that sails along the western coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Relocation cruises offer many inexpensive sailings when season’s change, and boats sail from North America to Mediterranean ports and vice versa. They represent true bargains.
Cruise lines take pride in serving several meals daily. Be selective and eat what you like, but in moderation, if you are watching your weight.

On boats, exercise opportunities happen to be limited, but you can still walk and swim, or visit the gym.

A few cruise boats now offer climbing walls.

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