British Beer Drinkers Change Their Preferences.


British invented ale, and up to 1990’s beer to Britons meant ale. The younger, better-travelled and educated professional Britons have an open mind when it comes to beer. They try lagers, and other styles of beers including those flavoured with unusual ingredients

Small British breweries, by necessity, are quick to spot trends both in the United Kingdom and export markets. They experiment more readily and market more enthusiastically. Cream   stout brewed by St Peter’s Brewery is now exported to the USA and Russia. Meantime Brewery of London routinely exports its unique brews to France, Mexico, Denmark and Italy. Specialty beers (wheat, fruit flavoured beers) seem to have captured the imagination of young people, particularly females out for a fun night.

Recently, Wines and Spirits International Magazine of England assembled an expert panel and conducted an international beer tasting:

The winners were;

Proof Pilsen, The Proof Beer Co.
Costa Dorada Ale, Mexico
Champion Ale, Hall and Woodhouse, U.K
Monkey Wrench Ale, Daleside Brewery, U.K
Dreher Bak Ale, Dreher, Hungary
Semper Ardens Criollo Stout, Carlsberg, Denmark
Cobra Beer, Cobra Brewery,
Kronenbourg 1664, brewed under license by Scottish and Newcastle in the U K
Kulmbacher Premium , Kulmbacher Brauerei, Germany
Tiger Beer, Asia Pacific Brewery, Singapore
Lion Dark Stout, Pierheads, Sri Lanka
Alpine Lager, Moosehead Brewery, Canada
Bahia, SAB, Central America
Birra Moretti Doppio Malto, Heineken, Italy
Yorkshire Bitter, Daleside Brewing, U.K.
Oak Aged Strong Beer, Innis and Gunn Brewing, U.K.
Fine Raisin Beer, Robert Cains Co., U. K
Semper Ardens Winter Rye, Carlsberg Breweries, Denmark
Baltika brewed by Scottish and Newcastle under license
In Canada, Molson and Labatt’s lost market share to craft breweries coast to coast to coast, and imports from Belgium, Germany, the U k, Ireland, Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia and Baltic countries.

The palates of young beer drinkers are looking for intriguiging and deeply flavoured beers. Breweries prepared to meet this challenge will be the winners of marketing wars in the coming decade.


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