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Bursting Bubbles

Penned by a Champagne connoisseur and traveller, Bursting Bubbles is a seminal, highly informative book, partially based on personal and on location research.

It explains in vivid terms what a true (terroir based) Champagne should taste like, and how world famous houses have managed to convince that their highly manipulated products are “true”.

This is a travel and wine book that reveals the true character of terroir , and grower Champagnes. Grower Champagnes have been gaining more and more aficionados for over a decade now.

Champagne is the most northerly located quality-wine producing region in France, a marginal geographical area that requires a great deal of effort to grow suitable fruit to make outstanding wine.

Bursting Bubbles is an extremely engaging and informational book on Champagne, and tells the true story how billions spent on advertising and public relations made wine drinkers believe myths.

Champagne is a luxury wine and ought to deliver the true and intrinsic flavours of the terroir, but only “grower Champagnes possess such qualities.

Champagne houses can and do produce fine wines at extremely high cost, but the mass market bottles never live up to the make believe reputation.

Robert Walters is an Australian wine merchant, owns vineyards, and loves to travel, in addition to being an excellent writer unafraid to reveal the true story of the region.

Busting Bubbles should be in every wine drinker’s library, and mandatory reading for every sommelier and hospitality student.

Highly recommended.

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